Thursday, May 27, 2010

Real v. Fake LSAT Questions

You wouldn't use counterfeit money, don't use fake LSAT questions. Alright, I'll admit. Its not illegal to use fake questions... But it should be!

Because LSAC charges companies an arm and a leg for the right to reproduce LSAT material, a lot of them choose to write their own questions.
What’s the problem with that?
The LSAC spends an inordinate sum of money paying Psychometricians to construct deviously difficult tests. Not only are the questions themselves difficult but serious consideration goes into the vocabulary used, the order the answer choices are presented, and the repetition of which answer choice is correct. Also, LSAC has tested every question that appears on the LSAT against a LSAT audience i.e., the ungraded experimental section.
There is just no way a test prep company can duplicate these standards. Instead, this fake material will be used to demonstrate techniques that would be ineffective on real questions.
Practicing on fake questions WILL NOT prepare you to cope with real LSAT level questions. Picture sparring with a 3 year old and thinking that you are ready to fight Chuck Norris!

How do you know if the questions are real?
Generally, if a company uses real questions they will say so.


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