Sunday, May 30, 2010

Recommended Book List

Logic Games: Your best resource is my new video tutorial at This is a video encyclopedia that explains every right answer and why every wrong answer is wrong (super important). I also talk you through my thought process as I'm doing it which gives you insight into how a 180 test taker should be thinking! Comes with a 7-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Go check it out.

The best book is Powerscore’s Logic Games Bible (the green one). It's decent, and the best available. The key to the Games section is good diagramming technique. This book provides a strong foundation.

However, to truly optimize your Games performance you must change all the mainstream testprep approaches (see post titled Commercial Course v. Private Tutor).

These changes are what I will teach in detail at Come on over.

Arguments Section: The best book available is Powerscore’s Logical Reasoning Bible (the blue one). This is the only book I recommend without reservation. As a matter of fact I tried being angry at the book because it’s good enough to make me lose clientele but I couldn’t. It’s that good.

Reading Comprehension: Unfortunately, this section of the test is the hardest to improve on and there is a dearth of good books.

The best strategy for this section is to read as many “explanations” of reading comprehension passages that you can find. Powerscore puts out a Reading Comprehension Bible (the magenta one), and Kaplan puts out a bunch of tests with explanations. Try buying them used on Amazon, as you're not buying them for their “worksheet” exercises.

Tests: Buy every released LSAT. This may be expensive, but it’s an investment worth making. Remember, the LSAT is the opponent you will be fighting - practice with it is imperative.
Previously administered LSAT’s are released by the LSAC and available for purchase here and here.

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